Reception Aarhus – Arrange your next reception at Restaurant Atrium

Arrange reception at Restaurant Atrium

Reception for all occasions


There are many good reasons to arrange a reception for different occasions.

If you want to arrange a reception at ATRIUM, the restaurant can be booked in the following period of time: 12.00 – 17.00. We recommend a minimum of 6 of the receptionsnacks listed below, which is disposed together with the agreed drinks.

 If you want a reception before dinner in the restaurant, the time of arrangement can be further agreed.

Andelever – valnød – portvin

Sprød rugbrød – kammusling – soya

Tapioka – svampe – granulat

Fish & chips

Foiegras terrine – cruton

Airbread – tatar

Dansk coppa – rygeost

Langres – øllebrød

Dansk brie – hjemmesylt

30,- pr/stk – minimum 6 stk


Please tell us what kind of event you have in mind, the time and date, and the number of guests you anticipate, and we will estimate a cost.

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