Confirmation in Aarhus – Arrange your confirmation at Restaurant Atrium

Confirmation at Restaurant Atrium

Celebrate CONFIRMATION at Atrium

The surroundings of ATRIUM are like a tranquil rest room in the middle of the big city, where You can celebrate confirmation in peace and quiet and in beautiful surroundings.

 We promise it will be an unforgettable occasion for both the one being confirmed and those dear friends and family who gather to celebrate.

COnfirmation Event

Aperitif of sparklin wine, and 3 selected appetizers.

3 course seasonal menu

Coffee/tea & sweets

87€ pr seat

incl. wine, beer and water ad libitum

ATRIUM LAte night snack – Suggestions

Triangle sandwich with filling

10 €

Hot dogs
12 €

Gullash soup, with wholewheat bread
10 €

Chili con carne
10 €

Charcuterie table with cheeses
12 €






Please tell us what kind of event you have in mind, the time and date, and the number of guests you anticipate, and we will estimate a cost.

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